27 August 2009

Shelving Sale

My favorite store, The Container Store, is having its annual Shelving Sale right now. Hurry in to save on some great products to help with your organization project!

05 August 2009

Flower Mound: closet makeover

My client in Flower Mound has recently downsized to a smaller home, and therefore, now has smaller closets than before. While she successfully cleared out many things she didn't need anymore before the move, she still ended up with a closet in the new home busting at the seams! Her clutter was out of control, making it impossible to find certain items and causing her to forget about some things she owned! Cleaning and organizing her clothing was a project that overwhelmed her. Enter: me. I tackled the mess head on, pulling items out of the closet in groups. Once I had items arranged in color/style groups, it was easy for the client to sift through everything and weed out even more items to get rid of. Then, I was able to arrange the items in color order and put them back in the closet. Now that her space is organized, it's easy for her to keep up with it. Clothing is easily found and put away. Here are a few pictures of the finished closet. She was very pleased with the end result!

Scarves packed up in easy flexible bins. These are lightweight and easy to store on a higher shelf.

Putting clothing in rainbow order helps you locate favorite clothing items quickly as well as making it simple to put clothes away.

Bottom to top: Jackets/Hoodies/Sweaters, Shirts, Cardigans (lower shelf), Handbags (top shelf)

A shoe holder like this on the back of a door can be a very nice space-saver... especially for someone storing a ton of shoes!

Organization like this just makes me happy... and makes my clients happy too!

Cardigan sweaters and handbags are two items she definitely has the most of (ok, besides the shoes). It was important to keep those neat so she could see everything she owns.

Dresses and skirts. The shelf is also lower down that the handbag shelf above the cardigans. Because of this, I displayed the handbags she uses most often on this shelf. Accessibly and frequency of use is key when planning a space like a closet.

There were existing nails in the wall above the door. These were perfect for hats and I assume the previous owner of the house did the same thing. It bothered me that they were not evenly spaced in rows (neat freak!!) but it was still completely functional and convenient for the client the way it was. I displayed the hats she wears most often along the bottom row so they're easily accessible. UK much? :)

Shoes galore!

Pants... there are also some pant suits for work that are hidden in the back to the right. These are items she doesn't use very often.

Button-up shirts, and of course, more shoes!

Please email me (CassandraReneeInteriors@gmail.com) if you have any inquiries about my organization services! If you have a closet that has gotten out of control, or a home office with paperwork piling up, I'm your gal! Staying clutter-free and organized is much easier if you begin with a clean, well-organized space. I can give you that starting point... I can find a place for everything and then you can keep everything in its place!