02 June 2009

closet makeover

I live in a loft with one closet. Granted, it's a good size walk-in for one person, but still ONE closet! How does a girl deal?! :) Obviously it's a huge necessity that I keep it organized not only so I can find everything, but also so I can fit everything in there that I need to fit. Most people that see my closet think it's pretty well organized. I, however, am not completely happy with the layout. There are many changes that could be made to maximize the space. Right now I am working with the built-in shelves and clothes bars that existed when I bought the place. I plan on adding my own touches to the closet to fully utilize it's height and display some of the items that are currently being squished (see my handbags! oh my!) Below are some pictures of my closet in its current state... follow me as I make a few simple changes to completely revamp the space. I will be posting my progress along the way so be sure to check back!

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