16 May 2009


This post is really for the purpose of inspiring myself but I think that you all will enjoy it too. Today I was sifting through my old portfolio of drawings and paintings that I did years ago. I took some time to look through all of my old work and realized that it has been much too long since I took up my paint brush or my ink pen. Since design has taken over my life, it seems the only drawings I do are elevations and perspectives to show what a room will look like or explain a specific idea to a client. And with advances in technology, many times those drawings are done on the computer and not by hand. My mom was an art major in college; I grew up with a passion for drawing, sketching, painting and art in general. My favorite classes in school were always the art classes and although I wouldn't even compare the work I do to my mom's, I always felt that I did inherit a natural talent for it. Sure sometimes I will spend a free afternoon in the park, sketching the things around me, but by no means do I spend the time I used to enjoying this wonderful hobby. So I have decided to share some of my work, in hopes that just digging it out of my closet will inspire me to devote some more of my time to getting back to this lost love of mine. I hope you all enjoy...

Oil Pastels

Ink (my favorite animal!)

Ink (monochromatic study with variations of blue ink)

Acrylic on canvas

Still-Life in charcoal (I think slightly unfinished, judging by the plant and white space at top, but then again, I did sign it)

And just a few quick sketches with prisma color markers and ink (plant life is always my favorite to sketch)


  1. Lovely work Cassandra! I particularly like the blue prisma colour markers and ink. I'd love to have a piece like this in my home!
    Victoria @ DesignTies


thanks for your feedback! :)