19 July 2009

closet update

Just sharing 2 quick pictures from my closet makeover. The first shows a few of my shoes and my scarves. I decided that I wanted my scarves displayed nicely and easily accessible. Accessories like these were easily lost in my closet before and I would forget what I owned. Now they are hanging right in front of me so it's impossible for me to forget about them. I've also tried to group my shoes into groups of like items. This makes it easier for me when remembering where each pair goes and helps me stay motivated to put my shoes back in the right place. I like things to look nice, so having some of my 'pretty items' displayed in my closet makes me happy and also shows off some of my more exciting pieces.

However nice your closet will look really depends on your storage solutions. After all, it's all about the space-saving techniques. Builder-grade closet built-ins usually give you a lot of hanging space and not a lot of shelf space. When faced with that problem, there are many options but I'm opting for easy and inexpensive (and therefore not permanent)... Just like hanging racks for shoes, hanging shirt/sweater shelves are available. I'm using this one for my plethora of t-shirts.

More to come... :)

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