22 July 2009

my desk & workspace

I love having a space dedicated to my work... whether that be design work or just everyday things like paying bills. It's important to me to keep it well-organized and neat, otherwise I won't use my desk! I live in a small space (745 sq ft to be exact) so every single inch counts! I need areas of my home to be dedicated to certain functions and I need them to work properly for me. When I first moved in, my desk was covered in so much clutter, it was impossible for me to use it. In that case, I would spread out bills and paperwork across my coffee table and my kitchen table. I was constantly moving things so I could eat, or so visitors wouldn't see my stuff... what a pain! Life is so much easier and convenient now that I have my workspace organized; I am much more productive!

Here's a glimpse of my desk/ workspace and my must-haves for my home office!

1. Design Trade guide... helps me look up different products, manufacturers and trade showrooms

2. Post-its... Right now I'm using some from one of my favorite showrooms, Lee Jofa
3. Candle... I always have candles burning! I like my place to smell nice and there's just something nice about enjoying candlelight, no matter what I'm doing
4. Elephant... I have a HUGE elephant collection. This is just one piece but it's something I really love

If I receive flowers for any reason (like from my honey bunch!), I like to dry them out and keep them. It's really nice having fresh flowers in a home office but I also like the romantic/ sentimental feeling of roses that I was given for a special occasion.

A Calendar... I think a calendar in an office space is self-explanatory. But I will say that I totally love my Architectural Digest calendar! It's already my favorite magazine and it never hurts to look at one more well-designed room!

This is a art piece that my Mom purchased for me so it's pretty special. I love Japanese pieces; I have a few things in my home that reflect this style. This art piece is hand-painted on a piece of cloth (that's probably called something specific but I don't know what!). Roses are also my favorite flower. My Mom had this piece custom framed for me and I love it!

Another calendar?... I like having this calendar because it's a dry erase board and it's easy for me to keep track of appointments and make to-do lists. I also really like the small bulletin board and magnetic ability. (The studly man on the right in the pic is my boyfriend Chris)

Aren't these pushpins cute??! Check out great products made by Xonex here!

1. Office supplies... Stapler, pens, pencils, paperclips. These are items that I use most often so I like them to be on my desktop in easy reach instead of having to dig through a drawer for them.
2. My mini T-square!... This was given to me when I became a member of TIDA (TCU Interior Design Association)

A file drawer is a MUST! I only have one drawer for files but I couldn't live without it. Paperwork is the #1 item that will pile up quickly. Take 5 minutes at the end of each day to file away mail, bills, and all other necessary paperwork. Filing is easy when you do a little bit at a time. Don't let it pile up until you have hours of filing ahead of you... that's when you won't do it!! But if that happens, you can just hire me to come to your house and do it for you! :)

My desk area is very simple and uncluttered, making it easy for me to get my work done. I have a dedicated space to sit down and organize my every day things... this is something everyone should have! You don't need a huge space, it just needs to be organized and only contain the items you need and use!

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