03 September 2009

bachelorette party invitations

I'm a bridesmaid for a wedding coming up in mid October. The bride is one of my best friends from high school so it's really important to me that all the events leading up to her wedding are just as special as the day she says 'I Do'. I am planning a bachelorette weekend and decided to make the invitations myself. I'm not going to lie, I did check a few stores for pre-made invitations... something simple and elegant that I could fill in the blanks on and stick in the mail. But I couldn't find anything like that. In fact I couldn't even find anything that used her wedding colors! (chocolate brown with small accents of red or orange... fall colors basically) So I made the decision to make some invitations; sure it takes more time but I want everything to be perfect.

I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out a decorative paper and a few neutral colors of cardstock. These invitations were as simple as typing out the information, printing it on the cardstock and then layering the three different papers. It was very easy to do and yet I think they will have a dramatic impact on guests and the bride.

I started by cutting out the decorative paper to fit my envelopes.

Absolutely love this paisley pattern!

Then I trimmed the chocolate brown paper...

Then I trimmed the cream cardstock with the invitation printed on it and mounted it on the brown paper.

All that was left to do was mount the invite onto the paisley paper! These are some of the easiest invitations you can make! They can look just as nice as anything you'd buy in a store, if not nicer, and they can be as simple as a few straight cuts and a glue stick.

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  1. Making bachelorette party invitations doesn't need all that glitz and glamour since what you need is to get the message across and that's what these invitations you posted offer.


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