15 September 2009

dollar bin finds!

There's nothing that sucks me in faster than a bunch of $1 bins in a store! I can't help it... I sort through those so fast and always find at least one thing I want! I've found that these can been great places to find stationery items: notepads, shopping lists, journals, cards, etc. I recently found a lot of cute items at the craft store Michael's, each for $1. I absolutely love the houndstooth pattern and the black, white and red damask patterns! These are great items to buy for your own home or to group together for a gift basket for someone else.

Items (clockwise): File folder in black/cream houndstooth print (pack of 4 for $1); 100 page journal; 'Hello' notecards/envelopes (pack of 8 for $1); magnetic weekly calendar (52 pages); magnetic shopping list (80 sheets)

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