12 March 2010

spray paint can work miracles!

I have been searching high and low for a suitable magazine rack to put in my bathroom.  I have a small bathroom and an even smaller space between my toilet and wall where I planned to put it.  Reading in the bathroom isn't really my thing (haha) but for some reason it's big with the men!  I cherish my Architectural Digest magazines and wanted a safe place for them... some place besides the edge of the tub or next to the sink where they risk getting wet.

I didn't want to spend much money since, as I mentioned, this is not a priority item for me.  I saw some nice options in a few different stores, usually ranging from $25-35... too much for me!  And usually they were too large for the space I have!  I was close to giving up until, BAM!, I walk into GoodWill one day and there's an old brass magazine rack, the perfect size and shape, for $2!!!  The only problem... brass finish and a little banged up from use.  So I went to WalMart and purchased some brilliant silver spray paint and 30 minutes later... brand new magazine rack, perfectly matching my decor.  Total investment... $5!! You can't beat that!

Spray paint really can work miracles!!  You can change the look of almost anything these days just by spending a few bucks and a few minutes spraying it a different color.  I was amazed at the number of color options for spray paint!  Silver is a pretty basic choice but you could choose a color to fit any decor.  Whatever the object you find, if the only problem is the finish of the piece, consider spray painting it!  It is such an easy option!

And here's the finished product! :)

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