01 May 2009

black is fabulous

I have always wanted to do a room with black walls. I know the thought of black walls scares most, but I think it can be so classy, especially when paired with white. I never get tired of this color combo. Perhaps someday I will get to paint one of my rooms black... until then I will drool over other people's rooms, like these...

Designer Miles Redd's kitchen in his NYC apt

I LOVE this kitchen. Not only are the walls black, but the cabinets are too. I love how it makes the white in the room "pop"... the trim around the door and window and especially the floor! Stainless steel appliances and fixtures still allow light to bounce around the room. This is black and white contrast at its best!

Room by Laura Ashley

This room only has one wall painted black but I'm still loving it. It really makes the fireplace stand out and sets the black and white color scheme for the entire room. Other loves: the mirror over the fireplace, the damask curtain panels and the chandelier!

What do you think about black walls in a room? Would you ever do this in your own home? What about an all black and white room? Is it classy and sophisticated or boring?


  1. Cassandra,

    I am much like you, I have been dying to do an all black room too. I find it to be the highest form of elegance and sophistication.

    Shane D. Inman

  2. nice room! right now i love either black/white/no color, or else LOTS of color. we are just debuting some awesome stone mosaic patterns in black and white for floors--check out sarabaldwindesign.blogspot.com. for when you get that commission!


thanks for your feedback! :)