04 May 2009

a touch of glam with chandeliers

I'm a glam kind of gal and I've always loved crystal chandeliers. There's just something really fantastic about walking into a room and having your eye immediately drawn up towards the ceiling to see the light refracted in tiny prisms. The sparkle of these fixtures still leaves a twinkle in my eye and makes me stop for a moment and whisper "wow" under my breath. But these days chandeliers aren't just something you find in fancy mansions and ballrooms, they are being used in bedrooms, bathrooms and all throughout people's homes to add just a little touch of glamour. They range from extremely ornate crystal to very toned down fixtures with only a few prisms. Let's review a few; we'll start with the fancy...

All of the above chandeliers are made by Schonbek. They are gorgeous but because of their size and abundance of crystal, these chandeliers are suited for a more formal decor.

This Schonbek chandelier is a little less formal because of the antiqued metal finish and the colored crystal... very interesting and fun!

Or how about this one with just a touch of sapphire blue. Simple but very elegant! Also Schonbek.

Here are some more great options available from Lamp Plus:

This is a mini chandelier made exclusively for Lamps Plus by Schonbek!

This one has a more antique feel to it because of the gold finish. Looking to bring some 'Old Hollywood' style to your room? This could be the chandelier for you! I would love to see this over a lady's vanity or dare I say, in a large walk-in closet! (Lamps Plus)

I personally really like chandeliers that combine clear crystal & black crystal (there's my love of black & white again! well, kind of "white") Both are from Lamps Plus.

Decorating a little girl's room? What better way to make her feel like a princess than giving her a "Pretty in Pink" chandelier (Lamps Plus)

Like I mentioned before, some chandeliers have just a few crystal accents. These are great for less formal interiors. Here's an example of one.

This is a chandelier that a client and I selected for her bedroom. We decided to remove her ceiling fan, that she never used, and replace it with this beauty! Her decor is very eclectic, mixing traditional furnishings and antiques with more contemporary color schemes and accents. We loved the simple scroll work on this fixture, along with its antiqued finish. The crystal teardrops add just the right amount of sparkle.

Speaking of ceiling fans, here are a couple of interesting finds from Lamps Plus:

I guess these are for the people that want the best of both worlds... convenience of a ceiling fan AND a touch of glamour. Personally, these don't really do it for me and I think they look a little strange. But maybe if I saw them in the right room... What do you think?

There are so many variations on the traditional crystal chandelier now. I'm seeing more and more combinations of two different types of fixtures, like the fans above, and these...

I think this fixture is very interesting. It combines small crystals with a metal cut-out shade. I like that you don't lose all of the crystal accents because you can still see it through the cut-outs (available from Lamps Plus)

On the other hand, I'm not too keen on this take of the drum shade/ chandelier combo (Shades of Light). Although the fabric is somewhat sheer, it really covers up the majority of the chandelier and you lose the detail.

Crystal chandeliers will always add a touch of elegance and glamour to any room. With so much variety out there, you can find one to compliment almost any decor. Have fun and add a little sparkle to your own home!

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