02 April 2009

accent pillows

I always advise people to purchase neutral home furnishings so it allows you to change out smaller accent items to give your room a whole new look. Some of the easiest things to change out are accent pillows. Now that spring is upon us, it's a great time to change things up and give your living room (or any room) a fresh look!

I was in Target the other day (a fave store for sure) and saw a couple of pillows that I absolutely love... super cute and affordable so I thought I would share them with you all!

LOVE these! Chevron pattern and they come in a warm tone version (reds, oranges, yellows) as well as cool tones (blues, greens, greys). It's a bold pattern that will pop against any solid color furniture

This one screams 'spring'! It's done in a beige natural fabric. The pattern is printed on the fabric but some leaves and branches are embroidered so it gives great texture! This would look amazing in a room with soft greens or yellows. Great for anyone that loves bringing the outdoors in

Loving this pillow for anyone who prefers a more classic, tailored look. I would pair this with other neutrals on a bed of luxurious, layered linens to give it a "hotel-like" feel. It's slightly feminine with the ruffle around the edge, but still very simple and neutral enough to work for a man's room. This is a more sophisticated look for anyone who doesn't want too much going on

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