29 April 2009

special paints & primers

Today I went to get an oil change in my car and as I waited, I noticed a copy of Better Homes & Gardens in the waiting room. I was relieved to find this among the pile of auto and celebrity gossip magazines! As I waited, I flipped through pages of crafty ideas for Easter... obviously the April issue. However, a product jumped out at me that I had never been introduced to before... magnetic primer! We've all seen chalkboard paint, right? But what about magnetic primer?! What a brilliant idea! This primer is available from RustOleum and can be applied under any latex paint. You can apply it to walls and even to wood or metal surfaces (indoor use only) and turn that surface into a convenient place to stick notes, photographs, children's artwork, etc. And the best part is, it's just primer so you can paint over it with any color you choose.

Create spaces to display your child's artwork

Or make a collage of your favorite posters or prints... all without leaving holes in the wall! Change out the items you display as often as you wish. Hang 'to do' lists in your office or shopping lists in your kitchen. The possibilities are endless! And once you take down whatever you hang, your walls look like an ordinary painted wall.

Chalkboard paint is great too. It's fun for kids in their bedroom or playroom and allows them to have their own space to be creative (instead of taking on your walls with markers or crayons!)

You don't always have to paint an entire wall or a perfect square or rectangle with chalkboard paint either. Get creative! I love this example of the chalkboard paint being used to paint the silhouette of a tree and moon and still gives the kids a place to create their own art.

Also think about using the magnetic primer and then painting over it with chalkboard paint! You then have a surface you can draw on and post things to... double duty!

Not crazy about the black surface of chalkboard paint? Check out this chalkboard paint that can be tinted to other colors!

And remember... chalkboard paint isn't just for kids! RustOleum offers a brush-on version as well as a spray-on version so it can be applied to a variety of surfaces and used in interesting ways that appeal to adults too.

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