23 April 2009

architecture of nyc

I took my first trip to NYC this past weekend to visit a friend. I had a great time but it was definitely a whirlwind of sites and activities crammed into a short 2 1/2 days. Not only do I love interiors, but architecture is another of my great loves. I am fascinated by buildings and bridges and being in NYC, I was surrounded by interesting things at every turn! I've decided to share a few of my favorite pictures... I was the tourist that couldn't stop looking up and couldn't put the camera away! :)

Queensborough Bridge

Rockefeller Center

View from the top of the Rock, looking towards the Empire State Building

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Bowery Savings Bank

I'm not sure what building this is because we zoomed past it while in a cab... someone can probably help me identify..? I love it!

Again, not sure of the name of this building. It's located next to Ground Zero. The art deco eagle caught my eye

Trinity Church

American Indian Museum

Castle Clinton, Battery Park

The Brooklyn Bridge

It's official :) Can't wait to go back!

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